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NOTE: By sharing your name, city and email, you are joining a list of Texans who believe our justice system needs to change. By submitting your information, you also agree to receive email updates regarding our progress with Cash Free Courts. Email communications will include:

• Updates on which candidates and officeholders sign the Contract for Cash Free Courts

• Updates on the 2020 release of the documentary, The Playground 

• Updates on legislation that aims to change the Texas Constitution during the 87th Texas Legislature, starting January 12, 2021

By standing together, we will be able to persuade the Legislature to stand up to big donors and change our laws.

Thanks for supporting reform!

Texans for Cash Free Courts is run by proud Texans who love their home state. However, out of 39 states that at one time selected judges by partisan election, only six still do so today, and Texas is one of them. 


We are disappointed that Texas is one of those six states that still tolerate money polluting our justice system. We are discouraged by members of the Texas Legislature who defend a justice system in which judges are asking for money from the very people who have cases before their courts.


Unfortunately, some of the big donors to judges are also big donors to the members of the Legislature. Sadly, after we followed the money, we began to understand the game, and ordinary Texans are the victims of it.


When billion-dollar clients of the nine big donor law firms win 5.4 times more than regular Texans, how can we call the system a “justice system”? 


We invite other proud Texans to join us in this effort to reform. Individually, it is difficult to be heard. By standing together, we can create the Texas Justice System that our great state deserves.

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